Actualización de Claudia en su LiveJournal.

Published by Alice under on sábado, octubre 04, 2008
Gracias a Arancha del foro, hemos podido saber que Claudia a actualizado en su LiveJournal.
Nos habla un poco de su viaje por sur America.

Aquí teneis:

I haven't blogged in a while now, mostly due to extreme naughtiness -- not of the "Girls Gone Wild" variety, but more like "OMG, I am so busy, and how am I ever going to leave for vacation at this rate?" Well, I'm still insanely busy, but I am still leaving for vacation today, so let me just hit the highlights: * My hiking guide has had some surgery but is apparently okay and hopes to be leading hikes again in November. Yay!* I have turned the final-final revisions of HOURGLASS in to my editor. Yay!* I forgot my luggage locks at home! Boo. * Otherwise, I appear to be compactly and completely packed for my South American trip, which begins tonight. Yay! * The very cool people at have a feature about author name pronunciation, and they invited me to take part. Now, I figure most of you understand how to pronounce "Claudia Gray," which isn't exactly a tongue-twister. But if you are curious to hear me chatting about the name for a while, you can check out the link here.OK, I think that's about it. I'm flying out this evening, so wish me luck with flights, transfers, all of that. Pictures when I return!

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Aredhel dijo... @ 4 de octubre de 2008, 12:14

Madre mía Alice xoxo, no me he enterado de nada, vamos... la gente cuando lea la traducción... va a decir que menuda traducción.
Porque no se van a enterar de nada

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